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Different Kitchens with one common point – Microcement

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With years of experience we have coated a lot of kitchens with Microcement. With amount of jobs we like to share our expertise and give an help to our clients.
We don’t want to be simple Microcement appliers, we want to be some kind of interior design counselors and give to our client a full service.At this time we bring to you some kitchens that we have made to inspire you for a improvement of yout own Kitchen.
In this post we have different options, since industrial kind to a rustic and welcoming spaces.
Inspire yourself and challenge us with your own idea.

1 – Lighted Wall

The lighting contrasts perfectly with the color chosen for the wall of this kitchen. This an hotel Kitchen, however, if you usually share your kitchen with your friends this is a great choice.

2 – Kitchen & Living Room

This kind of spaces are usual in welcoming houses and this kind of spaces are usual in welcoming houses. This material has huge benefits, so whole floor and kitchen countertops was coated with Microcement (Kitchen and Living Room). As you can see, the brown of wood connect very well with grey Microcement.

3 – Kitchen with Rustic look

This is a classic Kitchen. With rustic look the client choose a simple decoration and placed a table in the center of the room. The bright colors was a good choice to this Kitchen adn to complete this simple decoration we choose a bright grey to Microcement floor.

4 – Kitchen with an Island

At the end we bring to you an avant-garde Kitchen. With a centered island that can be also a dinner table, this kitchen has a young look where the floor is coated with Microcement that match perfectly with surrounding enviroment.

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