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MicroTraffic – Floor Coating

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Microcement Floor – MicroTraffic






When the job is the floor covering with Microcement, the whole family, the most suitable is the MicroTraffic. This Microcement is the toughest of the market, ideal to commercial spaces with high traffic. Although his specialty is flooring it can also be used on countertops, stairs, shower trays, facades and terraces.
Note that the Microfinishing can also be used for floor coating without compromising the reliability of the material, the major difference is in the type of finish desired.

Microtraffic – Homogeneous and Natural

Microtraffic has a natural look, which makes it a coating of elegance and that will hardly go unnoticed. The Microcement has a high level of customization and is fairly easy to combine with other materials. May prefer, for a given floor, a satin finish or a more glossy finish. This type of Microcement also features about 40 different colours.
Due to its composition rich in resins, the Microtraffic isn’t suitable to be in direct contact with heat sources such as pans. So we do not recommend this type of Microcement for use in kitchen countertops.

Microcement vs Polished Cement

Often Microcement floors are confused with the polished cement, despite the differences between the two coatings are evident. In Polished Cement requires minimum thickness of 6 cm and heavy machinery for installation, while the Microcement only needs a couple of milimeters thickness e is applied with simple tools. This coating doesn’t need expansion joints, in turn, the polished concrete every 4 to 5 meters require seals to reduce the probability of cracks.

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