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The Pantone Institute annually announces colour trends that are highlighted in the following year. Check the colour-trend for spring-summer 2016.

Colour Trends
1 – Berry

1.  When we provide our pigments, the standard amount will result in the colour shown in the image above, however, the Microcement is customizable also in terms of colour.

So, you can get a lighter or darker colour depending on the amount of pigment that adds, therefore, when you add the pigment to the Resin choose the colour you want.

With this Berry colour can obtain the above Colour-Trend (number 1) adding a small amount of pigment in Resin. This process can be applied in all our colours.


2 – Orange

2. With Orange you can get the colour-trend number 2 using the same procedure described above, that is, you must add less amount of pigment to resin, obtaining a lighter colour.

3 – Sky Blue
3. In this colour the above process is almost nonexistent, since this colour is already quite close to the colour-trend number 3.
4 – Dark Blue
5 – Funky Yellow
6 – Seafoam
6. In Seafoam colour the mentioned process in first 3 colours is applied again. Seafoam colour is darker than colour-trend number 6, therefore, the amount of pigment that you will add at resin, to obtain colour-trend number 6, is reduced.

7 – Silver
8 – Beige
9 – Light Green
You can check all our colours in our website and buy it in our Online Store.
Note: The colour-trend may not be exactly the same colours provided by us, however, through the process recommended by us, these colours can be obtained.

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